Sunday, August 12, 2012

Feelin Groovy

A young friend of ours just turned 40....
so a 70's party was in order!!!

I found some groovy party decor at the Goodwill.
Unfortunately, a storm blew in when the party was just getting started and I didn't get any photos of the all the outdoor decorations.....macrame, glass grapes, mushrooms and lots of brown, gold and orange.

I hunted for 70's items for weeks!
I was thrilled to get most items for under $5 at my favorite Goodwill store.
Including this lava lamp for 99 cents!

Tiki guys for 49 cents each!

A 70's Candy Sampler brought back some memories.
Friendie (my 4 year old grandson) said the Fruit Stripe Gum smells like fruit, but tastes like cardboard....he is SO right!!!!

The cake turned out great!
(I did NOT make the cake)

I was searching for our "threads" up until the day of the party.
I made a last minute stop and found these white GoGo just my size!
My husband is wearing my Dad's old racing shirt, but the rest of our outfits came from the Goodwill for a total cost of $20....
don't we look like 100 20 bucks???  :)

Yes...that is a Mood Ring on my finger....
but I didn't need a ring to tell me that I was "Feelin Groovy"!!!!


  1. Oh, I remember those days. You did a great job at Goodwill, makes you wonder why someone kept all those items until now. You look great in your gogo boots and hot pants. Peace and groovy.

  2. Love the gogo boots! They will be a "hit" at quilt retreat. And, the lava lamp is the best. We have a Goodwill being built near our neighborhood so maybe I can find one for my house.

  3. Oh, I just had a good laugh - looks like a great time!