Monday, October 8, 2012

Baby Gifts

My sister made this little doll about 27 years ago for my oldest girl.
She did a great job....but declared she would NEVER make another one.
I dug her out of the keepsake box.
After a couple good baths and some repairs, she is ready for another little girl to love!

My newest little Grand-niece joined our family a couple weeks ago!
I got to meet little Harper this weekend....what a sweet little thing!!!

I made her a Raggedy Ann blanket to go with her dolly.
I hope to get to snuggle her up in it again soon!!

I also made a quilt for my "Baby" sister.
I meant to get a photo of it after she opened it....
but I totally forgot.

This was a block of the month quilt that I did not work on each month.
I waited until 2 days before it needed to go to the quilter.

The fabric for the squares came cut and ready to sew together.
Which is great....
except when something is missing...
and one piece was.

But one month's packet came with an extra piece....
which just happened to be the exact same size as the missing piece!!!
It might not be perfect, but neither am I....
so I counted my blessings and used it!!!

I am so thankful for all the "Babies" in my life!!!