Monday, November 26, 2012

In Tune

I had Wally, the piano tuner, here last week.

I bought this piano at a local estate sale a month ago.

The piano was first tuned in 1972....and once more in 1973.

This was only the third time this piano has ever been tuned!

Wally said the piano appeared to have never been played.
He was very impressed by its condition.

There wasn't even any dust inside!

He said it set a record for the 'most out of tune' piano he has ever tuned!

But now we have a beautifully tuned piano just in time for the Christmas season!!!

(I put in a $200 bid.....and was so surprised to actually get this piano!  We gave our other piano to our oldest daughter, (who was wanting a piano for her house) since we bought that piano back when she was a little girl taking piano lessons....just incase we are asked to leave this piano in our house when we move.)

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  1. If we get out there for Christmas I hope to have someone play Christmas songs for us on you in-tune piano!