Thursday, February 28, 2013

Peace In The Seasons

Winter is real here in Minnesota!
Although I could show you pictures of many feet of snow.... and piles as high as I am....and the tracks I left when I had to rescue Friendie during his snowshoe expedition in our back yard....I choose to show you a peaceful version of our winter....the sun shining through the hoarfrost.

Although I could tell you about the frigid plants freezing inside my window....and our astronomical heating bill...I choose to tell you I have been buying a lot of tulips.....and looking ahead to Spring.

Although I wanted my family to really love this recipe....I seem to be the only one....but I plan on making it a lot this Summer anyway!

Although I could tell you I have been much too busy and much too tired to update my blog....
I choose to show you the sweetest reasons why.

Oh...and this Fall we will be residing at a new address...right now I don't know what I choose to tell you about my sanity during the planning stage. 

Time moves on....I hope to get better at documenting it.

Mister B is 4 months old already!!!



  1. Lovely photos, Sheila! Stay warm!

  2. Three very, very beautiful reasons to take a more relaxed approach to blogging!

    Blessings, Debbie